About This Site

This web site is posted for the benefit of the graduates and friends of the Parkview class of 1957. It is a dedicated site with it's own domain and hosted by Machineware. This results in no advertising and complete privacy. Jim Hurd (PHS 57) is the site manager.

When planning the site, I wanted something that could contain lots of photo galleries, be easy to edit and update, contain a directory, and have the ability to send a newsletter to anyone who signs up for it. My webmaster, Jim Teters (who developed and hosts my e-commerce web site) agreed to write a special program for the Parkview57 site and host it on his server for a very nominal fee. It's a small price to pay for the power, flexibility, and security we have. Learn more about Machineware.com and Funtoos.com in the Links area.

Several classmates are already contributing to the site in various ways. I need several types of support to make the site even more interesting and informative. Click on Contribute to learn more about how you can participate.

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